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Company Profile

One of the leading top suppliers of Complete Currency Counting & Fake Note Detecting Solutions (Bundled note counting machines, Loose note counting machines with fake note detection, Currency Sorting Machines, Currency Verification Machines, Paper Shredders ). Our company always insists on High Quality and High satisfaction. Based on the belief, the company establishes collaborations and takes efforts in product R&D and quality control to meet different needs of the customers. We are pleased to say that Rabbit Automation Pvt. Ltd. is the only Company in India providing Currency Counting & Fake Note Detecting machines designed exclusively for Indian conditions with International certifications. Marketing and Distribution reach is par excellence. Our qualified and trained staff looks after the customers through Marketing, Pre-Sales, Sales and Support activities catering to varied clientele ranging from Banks, Financial Institutions, State and Central Government departments and Private Sector Enterprises. The company has a very strong workforce of trained engineers and technicians who provide equipment maintenance, training, development and support throughout India. Our team absorbs the latest available technologies, adapts them to the Indian environment Athenian percolates it to the customer. To sum up, if there is a satisfied User of a Currency Counting Machines & Fake Note Detecting Machine, he must surely be a RABBIT customer.

Our Mission :

We committed to providing the highest quality Currency Counting, Fake Note Detecting & Paper Shredder Products and reliable services to meet the needs of our customers.To become a market leader by innovative approach & adopting World class practices.To achieve higher level of satisfaction of customers through excellence in quality is our mission.To provide separate service area for Rabbit Automation Brand products to the customers.

Our Vision :

To help our clients to win over competition by providing value and innovation by building lean, highly-productive teams.To be that brand with affordable world class currency counting and fake note detector equipments. To Concentrate Continuously on Delivering Customized Solutions.