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Godrej swift turbo (Bundle Note Counting Machine)

Godrej swift turbo

Dual LED Display: Two separate LED display for batch size and counting numbers are provided.

Dignostics: The sophisticated electronic circuity incorporated conducts a self check every time the machine is switched on. In the appropriate warming is indicated allowing the operator to identity the exact location requiring attention ,thus increasing efficiency.

Features touch key pad:  The number to be counted can be set by directly entering the desired number using the feature touch key pad.

Built in stamping device: This special feature ensures that an "ok" stamp is affixed on the band of the note bundle in stamp mode.

Dust removing system: A unique dust removing is provided which protects both the user and also enhances counting accuracy.

Customer display unit (optional) :- This unit can be interfaced with the machine.It helps the customer across the counter to view the count progress of the machine.



Currency Counting Speed

1000 pcs/min

Hopper Capacity

150 pcs

Stacker Capacity

150 pcs

Power Consumption




Bank Note Size (Min:)

50 x 100

Bank Note Size (Max:)

90 x 190

Thickness of Countable Note