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Value Counter

Rabbit Value Counter Cruze

Display: Display Total Count + Total Value With Rs logo Designed for the Indian Market Counts Indian Currency Notes Rs.10 to Rs.1000. With Big Front LCD Display and Buttons & Additional Side Display - LED.Additional detecting with UV (Ultravoilet).MG(Magnetic) and IR (Infrared).

Features touch key pad:  The number to be counted can be set by directly entering the desired number using the feature touch key pad.

Dust removing system: A unique dust removing is provided which protects both the user and also enhances counting accuracy.

Customer display unit (optional) :- This unit can be interfaced with the machine.It helps the customer across the counter to view the count progress of the machine.

Specification Parameters
Currency Counting Speed 1000 pcs/min
Hopper Capacity 150 pcs
Stacker Capacity 150 pcs
Power Consumption <=80W
Bank Note Size (Min:) 50 x 100
Bank Note Size (Max:) 90 x 190
Thickness of Countable Note 0.075-0.15mm